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About Us? You've come to the right page! But in a nutshell, we're artists who happen to be huge Frida fans!
About Frida Revolutionary Fashions

Frida Revolutionary Fashions pursues the creative, revolutionary spirit of artist Frida (1907-1954). Committed to Frida’s uncompromising zeal for personal and artistic integrity, Frida Fashions is an enterprising experiment in creative expression. By offering a wide array of one-of-a-kind fashions from tote-bags to blouses, the company strives to maintain an inventory of uncommon creations. What we offer in the form of art and culture, spirit and service, is homegrown and available to all. In fact, personalized, custom orders are also welcome!

Frida Revolutionary Fashions supports and encourages small businesses and local artisans. Items not created in-house are purchased directly from the designers and artists whenever possible. We believe that buying the handmade work of talented artists helps to ensure the quality and variety of the company’s creative offerings while contributing to the economic health of our communities.

Diane Borrero's Frida-inspired works are featured on the new PBS video, The Life and Times of Frida Kahlo. To see Diane's work or to purchase the video, click in the links below!


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About Frida Revolutionary Fashions
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